Salty’s new motorbike!

Salty recently found out by accident that he owned a motor bike. It all came about when he was racing out of the gates to say hello to the neighborhood. Salty had his eyes glued to the end of the walkway which meant he didn’t consider the foot stand which was sticking out of the motorbike. Salty ran straight into the bike and got a snout full of pedal, which he was not all too happy about, however Salty was very curios about the motorbike and he insisted that he wanted a closer look, but as he was placed on the motorbike seat he instantly regretted his decision and his fear of heights kicked in luckily his owners could see the regret in Salty’s eyes and he was immediately put back down on the ground.

Soccer training + new friend

Salty experienced his very first soccer training of 2016. Salty has taken to the idea of going to soccer training as he enjoys the enormous park which is full of all sorts of breads of dogs and trees that come in different shapes and sizes and watching his master play soccer.

After soccer Salty was personally invited to dinner at his masters friends house where he meet his new best buddy Millie. Salty and Millie immediately stated talking and after 10 minutes  of this everyone got annoyed so both Salty and Millie got kicked out.

Millie showed Salty around the backyard but Salty was more interested in getting inside as he could smell the chicken in the sushi. Evolutionary Salty gave up and sat down next to Millie where they both enjoyed a scratch behind the ears.

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Do I really have to get up?

 Salty was very reluctant to get up this morning as he was covered with his favourite donnas. Finaly at 9 am he was ready to start going straight for the food bowl and then the water bowl and then finally next to the door to ingicate he was ready for his walkie. Salty loved his walkie and all the dogs said hello, Salty did not say hello back instead a “RUR” and a “grump”. 

Salty’s Beach Trip

Salty went and saw the very big spirt of Tasmania take off for Tasmania this morning. Salty was so interested in the big ship that he wanted a better view so we put him up on the ledge, as soon as Salty realised that he was very high up he immediately regretted his decision and desperately wanted down, which was granted to him after we snapped this shot of him.